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Key idea: Becoming first-class enterprises, and achieving the brand of the world -马会欲钱料
Our requirement: Thought, action, and carrying out

1. Enterprise??s orientation 
Enterprise's aim: Respecting, endeavoring, science and innovating 
Enterprise??s wish: Foster the domestic surging brand of like products, open up international and domestic markets in an all-round way, and set up the development team with strong research and development ability and taking technological innovation as specialty. Be enterprise which services the society, and has first-class with sound system and perfect welfare.
Enterprise's idea: People first, achieving success through good quality, receiving guests sincerely, and educating people with virtue
Enterprise's mission: Follow up advanced science and technology, become the surging brand of the Chinese stationery, become the leading factor of office stationery products in China and even in the world and promote the people's spiritual quality and working quality constantly. 
Enterprise??s spirit: Bent on making progress, innovate practically and pursue excellence 
Enterprise's style: Keep forging ahead practically, simple and effective, require strictly, and act speedily and vigorously 
Group's consciousness: Keep together, unity is strength

2. Brand orientation 
Brand idea: Office stationery expert
Open new custom of office stationery 
Commercial office just uses UFEN

3. Development strategy 
Development idea: Sincerity, develop, innovation and surmounting 
Development strategy: High technology (pay attention to developing) -白姐同一图库六合彩
High quality (pays attention to quality), high-level service and achieving international famous brand 
Development goal: Become China's famous stationery brand in 3-5 years.

4. Talent's policy -古期六合特码是什么
Talent's idea: Respect personal initiative spirit and personal growth, which are the strength sources of UFEN enterprise 
A person who is competent at one??s working is talent, and a person who innovates is outstanding talent. Talents are the strength sources of UFEN enterprise
Employ principle. Morality, ability, and efficiency 
Morality: Have loyalty, credit, cultivates one's moral character, healthy, daring to devote, aboveboarding, modest and prudent, free from arrogance and rashness and good morals cultivating and personality glamour. 
Ability: Have extremely high professional levels in relevant fields, creativity and spirit of cooperation, internationalized consciousness, and whole pool and could block one side alone. Talents with ideal, bright, persistent, high dedication, sense of duty and calling, sharing weal or woe with enterprise, are the mainstays of UFEN enterprise 
Efficiency: Persons with high ability go up, medium ones get aside, and mediocre ones go down 
Educating principle: Foster innovators of technology and management

5. Operation policy 
Management theory: Innovation, people first, development, managing with sincerity 
Treating customers: Sincerity, and taking justice as foundation
UFEN faith: Cost, intensive, scale, innovation, advantage, effectively utilizing our leading technology on cost control. Exert advantages of UFEN enterprise on product development, products innovation, quality controlling, production scale and craft, etc, combine effective resources, innovate and develop constantly, and lead counterparts.

6. Quality requiring 
Quality policy: Keep improving, to make a success on every side 
Quality goal: High-standard and zero defects 
Quality requirement: Pursue perfect and pay attention to consistency and each detail

7. Products orientation 
Product idea: New quality, leading era 
Requisition for products: Base on science, strive to make innovation, be promoting constantly and follow after progress

8. Enterprise??s service 
Service aim:   Sincere, practical, positive
Service philosophy:  Serve to make the customer satisfied

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